Elena Saenz

Elena Sáenz actress

Elena Saenz, actress, poet, artist, filmmaker

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‘Tell the truth of what you know about life’

Spanish-Basque actress, poet, cosmic dancer, experimental filmmaker and female wizard. Made by the sea and based in London.

Training with John Strasberg since 2012, Elena Sáenz works with actors such as Alex Angulo and James D'Arcy. She has received several awards throughout her career:

  • BEST ACTRESS for her work in the film ‘Mithyabadi’ -directed by Urko Olazabal- at the International Short Film Festival ‘Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia’ 2018, festival pre-selecting for the GOYA Awards.

  • BEST 'Santurtzi' SHORT FILM and Best 'Santurtzi' SCRIPT at the short film festival Santurzine 2016 for 'Dam to Dam', written, directed and starring Elena Sáenz.

  • BEST SHOW at The International ACT Festival in 2009 as actress and director for the show 'Los jóvenes no saben lo que es llorar ni pasarse la vida corriendo'.

  • Actress in 'Metáfora. El circo olvidado', BEST SHOW at the International Street Art Festival Umore Azoka 2006.

Elena is also a voice-over actor, life model, amateur photographer and artisan. Holds a Law Degree, practices yoga, meditation, surfing, biking, loves singing and plays the ukulele. She speaks Spanish, English, Basque, some Catalan and Portuguese. Represented by NorthOne Management in the UK.

"Truth is what means the most to me. Beauty. Life. And I wouldn’t say that sometimes life doesn’t hurt, or that sometimes beauty has no scars. Cause it has. And it hurts. In every aspect of the work I’m doing I look for the real and truthful. I look for life.